Welcome to O Audio
∙We established O Audio in 2004 to provide audiophile products for custom
speakerbuilding with the stated goal to provide attentive service and support.

∙Since then, we have sold a variety of products worldwide and are currently
best known for our O Audio 300W and 500W BASH amplifiers.

∙O Audio is a small family business; and, as a family grows, priorities and time
commitments change.  As we enter 2013, it is time for us to close up shop.

∙We have greatly enjoyed working with you, our customers.  We have spent
time researching answers to your project questions and have provided help
whenever possible.  We have really enjoyed seeing your project results and
experiencing your enthusiasm.

---  CLOSED  ---
O Audio 500W BASH® Subwoofer Amplifier
O Audio 300W BASH® Subwoofer Amplifier
Hospital Grade AC Power Cable